We exist to foster inclusive and resonant workplaces.

When employees feel excluded, this results in organizational challenges such as a lack of clarity in strategy, burnout and overwhelm, compromised trust, communication breakdown, low employee performance and diminished manager effectiveness.


We know that 73% of employees leave companies because they don't feel trusted, valued or that their contributions matters.


When humans are actively collaborating in inclusive and resonant workplaces, manager & individual contributor effectiveness increases, cross-functional communication improves, eNPS scores grow, and employee wellbeing restores.

Neurochemistry is not just connected to your personal well-being, it is tied to your business.

It is the invisible element attached to each and every person who works for your company and effects hiring, retaining and supporting your work force.





When employees feel appreciated, engagement goes up 80% and burnout drops by 40%.


What does that mean in terms of profit and revenue?

Companies are losing billions of dollars each year because of unhappy employees and toxic work environments.
Employees who are not engaged cost their company 18% of their salary. In a company of 10,000 employees with an average salary of $50k, costs the company $60.3M in focused energy.


Employees seek organizations that not only value them, but who also invest in them, because each person brings so much more than their qualifications to work everyday.

And what they bring,
creates your culture.

Rajkumari has been working with Indeed for several years, with our senior leaders as a coach, with teams and numerous employees. Very grateful for the opportunity to get to know and work with Rajkumari.

Our Approach

We've developed a neurochemical approach that solves for workplace exclusion and conflict.

At ibelong, we study workplace scenarios that lead to dissatisfaction and have built a framework to understand why people are feeling undervalued, and how to change it.

Our approch integrates with your company's DEIB+ and People Operation's OKRs & KPI's.

Haven't set these yet?

Our work can serve as a foundation on which to build your culture & employee experience metrics.

Our Offerings

Our offerings include but are not limited to:

Immersive Programming:

All of our courses are grounded in Affective Neuroscience and offer a new approach to leadership and workplace culture.

RIFs with Resonance

Partner with ibelong as you transition your impacted workforce. We guide your leadership team through one of the toughest moments of their career while ensuring your retained population has a safe place to land.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching shifts internal resistance and limiting beliefs through neurobiology and epigenetics to enable a more holistic leader to emerge.

Compassion Circles

When world events seem overwhelming and your workforce needs a place to speak, ibelong provides that safe place for all voices to be held, heard and welcomed. Offering this space supports employees in transitioning from a state of overwhelm and paralysis back into a state of engagement, trust, and flow.

Slack & Phone-based Support Channels

We are committed to supporting your team in implementing concepts and skills related to building an inclusive and resonant workplace. Sometimes that means talking through situations on a case-by-case basis. For that extra support when things seem especially difficult, the ibelong team is only a slack or call away.

Our Impact

To date, we’ve partnered with over 175 startups and enterprises alike reaching over 250,000 employees.

We are the right partners if you are interested in making long-term changes to your:

  • eNPS, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging scores
  • Manager effectiveness calibrated by 360 reviews
  • Cross-functional communication & collaboration
  • Team's confidence at the executive level

Our Impact

Sound too good to be true?
Check out our recent client partners' success stories:

Increasing company-wide eNPS scores for ibelong program participants.
Increased revenue by $125M in annual revenue and achieved a 100% manager effectiveness score.
Improved team based unit economics by over 50% and decreased burn rate by 25% (board of director level goals).
92% of program participants found it valuable and time well spent.
"D&I has since blossomed to be a company strength, scoring third from the top in our recent engagement surveys (previously at the bottom) and receiving praise on external sites like Glassdoor."

Still unsure?

Please read some of our recent testimonials.

Rajkumari is my forever coach. When I met her over coffee, our very first conversation unlocked for me several key decisions I needed to make. Since then, she’s worked her magic on helping me rediscover my essence, empowering me to authentically connect with others in a meaningful way at work and home. The results are astounding.


Just went through the “Understanding Humans @ Work” program with Rajkumari and I’m a fan. I joined all of our engineering leaders in the program and together we dove into the science of behavior and came away with new techniques and better approaches to how we communicate and lead. The rate of change and disruption in every organization is only accelerating, so a program that arms leaders with tools to navigate change with empathy, agility, strategy, and science is a winner in my book.


Rajkumari’s consulting was a game-changer for our company, Zumper. In the fall of 2020, after efforts to establish employee resource groups like Black Lives Matter at Zumper, we were surprised to see diversity and inclusion at the bottom of our engagement survey results. We needed help to build psychological safety and create an environment where employees could voice an opinion without fear of negative consequences. D&I has since blossomed to be a company strength, scoring third from the top in our recent engagement surveys and receiving praise on external sites like Glassdoor. Rajkumari’s training is now part of new hire onboarding to ensure every employee understands the importance of D&I, the value it brings to Zumper, and the impact it has on humanity. We are grateful for Rajkumari’s partnership and guidance and how she improved our company culture.