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Easy to Configure and Integrate

Our on-demand platform gets you started quickly and cost effectively. We make building a robust, collaborative and highly contextual communications network easy for your entire organization. 

We have a highly configurable software platform to suit your unique network goals:

  • Flexible look and feel including various layout and design options
  • Configurable rules engine allows owners to taylor the network experience to your business needs
  • Network management tools help in set up, modifying and monitoring the network experience
  • Continuously evolving reporting and usage analytics help you make informed decisions about your marketing communitions strategies
  • Powerful syndication management features allow you to publish content once in multiple places
  • Our software can be implimented quckly and easily!

Our affiliated publishing model means less work and better results for network members:

  • Publish real content not canned articles
  • Lets each publisher in the network provide unique perspectives for different audiences.
  • Articles and feeds from the web can be easily incorporated into the newsletter
  • iBelong Network Services provides content development and management support if you need it

Our software easily integrates with your existing infrastructure:

  • Add a network to your existing web site
  • Integrates with CRM systems
  • Aggregates traffic under existing domains and aids in SEO

Your existing response programs such as advertising, fundraising, list building can be easily incorporated.

 . . . and we have pricing to meet most budgets!

High Return on Investment

Improving ROI can be achieved by increasing a customer's engagement with your message while also decreasing costs. At iBelong our unique publishing platform helps you decrease the time and expense of creating meaningful communications because it allows multiple editors to easily contribute media rich content.  You can incude video, podcasts or graphics, reference articles from the web, upload documents or blog in an idea!

No Technical Genius Required Minimize

You don't have to be an IT genius to use the platform -- all you need is an internet connection.  You don't even need extensive writing skills because your content can simply provide context for relevant content already available on the web.  You'll gather information once and publish it in an environment where it will live forever so users can always refer back to it.  New content will be pushed out in eletter updates at regular intervals established by you engaging your audience and reminding them of the value provided.  


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