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Software Solutions

The iBelong Engagement Platform is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables private Networks configured to match your unique mission, content and community character.  iBelong hosts and maintains the software with 24/7 uptime. Customers use the platform to create a communication channel for their customers, partners, constituents, or users (the customer’s online community!). The Info Network can be configured with the customer’s look and feel, an established architecture, network roles and permissions, and communications preferences. There’s room for network users to set their own preferences so the information they receive is relevant and timely.

For Publishers, Associations, Membership Organizations

There are multiple applications for our eNewsletter Networks, but here are a few of the most popular solutions:

Prepackaged Newsletters: Publishers can use their existing content, RSS feeds and multi-media content from the web to create highly contextual, dynamic newsletters that are delivered to a readers email box at a frequency dictated by the publisher. No layout required!

Reader Customized Newsletters: Publishers can create a newsletter template and add in the capability for users can easily layer their own content into the eNewsletter - creating a uniquely customized newsletter. 

Affiliated Republishing of Content:  This takes the idea of an eNewsletter and adds a viral dimension.  Publishers can allow an individual user to take their eNewsletter content, layer in their own content and then distribute the bundle to a new constituency.  The eNewsletter network continutes to grow -- along with the publishers subscription list!

Remember that the most important feature of an Info Network from an organizations perspective, is that it enables a persistent connection between the organization and their community through email alerts. Think about this as a next generation newsletter that combines the organization’s content with user generated content and third party content to keep your community engaged.

Engagement Solutions

To get the most out of our software, we have an experienced team who will make sure that your iBelong Information Network is working to serve your business goals. We apply a process that helps customers:

  • Define their network architecture
  • Establish content sources, publishing process and flow of information through the network
  • Network Member Development Programs and Services
  • Social Media Support Services

One of the unique things about iBelong is that we do more than help you get your Info Network set up. We can work with you on an ongoing basis to market and grow your network through traffic building programs, community management programs and content development programs. You don’t need to hire a staff of people to make your community successful. iBelong can supplement or take over your community building and online marketing programs.


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