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Our services provide our customers with the information and insight they need to move their business forward using the social web. Our management team has been involved with the internet revolution since the mid 1990s and has experience introducing technologies to companies who are newer to online media by helping develop their Online Marketing Playbook.

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Community Building

Building online community means different things to different organizations.  At iBelong, we believe community building means creating ways for your users to become a part of your organization's message through relevance and utility.  Our platform not only provides publishers with sophisticated tools, it also provides users with the ability to create relevance through joining, sharing, commenting, saving and creating.  Depending on the network owner's pereferences, user contributions can become part of the newsletter distribution.  So the tool set becomes an easy-to-use web site builder and email newsletter distribution platform in one!

Industry Experience

Our executives have been involved in online media and professional serivces collectively for over 75 years.  We understand how difficult it is to create a meaningful connection with your customers/members/consitituents.  A regular flow if meaningful content that your audience has some control over is the first bulding block.  Then you'll need programs and resources to support this effort.  We understand that not all organizations have the same skill sets or needs.  Our products and services are structured to service companies, wherever they may be in their relationship with online media.  Our values reflect what we stand for and the way that we conduct business on a daily basis; they are part of the fabric of our company. To learn more, read about our leadership.

The Engagement-Participation CurveOrganizations sometimes need help keeping their communities alive through the development of fresh new content, behavior modeling for users and the highlighting of great user generated content. That means the execution of an editorial/community plan which are sometimes better handled by a team of experts. iBelong can help with the day-to-day management of your community by performing the following functions:

  • Content Development
  • Community Monitoring
  • Engagement Program Management
  • Community Training Programs
  • Social Media Program Management
  • SEO Program Management
  • Direct Marketing Campaign Management
  • Community Reporting

iBelong’s Consulting Services help you find the right way for your organization to support business goals by integrating social media into your existing web presence. The iBelong Playbook takes your organization through a full evaluation to make informed decisions and an Executive Summary can be created from our full Playbook for presentation to Senior Management for project approval.

iBelong Playbook Components

Our experience at involving the right stakeholders at the right time during an organization’s evolution into social media helps ensure project success. We establish appropriate check-points in our process so key stakeholders can join the evolution. Our methods include:

Data Gathering, Creative Process, Doing the Math

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