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Our customers operate in a wide variety of environments, and we support them all. No matter if they are a division of a larger company, or a growing business, our customers rely on iBelong Networks to help them run their operations smoothly.

Our comprehensive, fully-integrated extended engagement platform supports the entire lifecycle of our customers' products — from design, manufacturing and fulfillment, to installation, service and support. At iBelong, we consistently deliver value to our customers.

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Amplifier Networks: Amplifier is creating a network of Info Hubs that each feature bloggers focused on a topic important to early stage businesses. The community leader/blogger regularly writes about a topic related to their area of expertise and also adds in documents and links. Regular email updates notify the 800 members when new content is posted to the Info Hub. The Network assigns friendly URLs to each Info Hub so pages can be more easily promoted and optimized

U.S. Navy Memorial: Designed to celebrate retired and active duty Sailors by capturing their stories about ships, individuals or events. The site enables content centric, user-created groups that archive documents, blog entries, announcements, pictures, video, and news stories. Users can affiliate with these groups in passive or active ways either as readers and receivers of email updates or as community leaders who create their own group around a topic.

Southern Governors' Association: SGA is a site full of content important to the Governors’ offices of their 18 member states and territories, as well as legislators who need a perspective on issues. SGA aggregates content daily for their member community on issues related to high priority issues and distributes those updates as a benefit to membership.

CPR (International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution): iBelong’s platform organizes information and lists to allow highly specialized search based on member roles and permissions. Podcasts, Webcasts and events are also integrated, as well as a secure merchant store where members and nonmembers can purchase products such as books, CDs and DVDs and other training materials. Newt Gingrich is an American politician who served as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. In 1995, Time magazine selected him as the Person of the Year for his role in leading the Republican party in the House. generates a large amount of content on a daily basis around issues important to the Republican Party. The iBelong platform supports the regular communication that Newt has with his constituents and is part of a larger solution that includes ecommerce and brochureware.

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